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Custom Shapes


Candy Coated Chips

Crystals Sugars


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Candy Quins

Blue and White Sprinkles
Bright Confetti Quins
Back to School Candy Quins
Bat Quins
Bat & Pumpkin Quins
Bats, Pumpkins, and Ghosts
Bear Quins
Black Cat Quins
Black Witch Quins
Blue & White Snowflake Quins
Blue Sequins
Bright Quins
Butterfly Quins
Chick Ducks & Bunny Quins
Christmas Confetti Quins
Car Quins
Chocolate Sprinkle Quins
Christmas Tree Quins
Confetti Quins
Daisy Quins
Dinosaur Quins
Easter Quins
Fall Leaves Quins
Fighter Jet Quins
Flower Quins
Green Sequins
Harvest Quins
Mini Pastel Confetti Quins
Maple Leaf Quins
Mini Heart Quins
Mini Orange & Brown Candy Quins
Mini Patriotic Star Quins
Moon Quins
Monthers Day Quins
Musical Note Quins
Numbers & Alphabet Quins
Pastel Heart Shapes
Pastel Star Shapes
Patriotic Confetti Sequins
PeeWee Bright Sequins
PeeWee Pastel Sequins
PeeWee Patriotic Star Quins
Patriotic Star Quins
PeeWee Neon Squares
Pink & White Heart Sequins
Pink & White Sequins
Pink Heart Quins
Pumpkin Quins
Purple/Mauve Quins
Red Heart Quins
Rainbow Sprinkle Sequins
Rainbow Sprinkle Quins
Red & White Heart Quins
Red Sequins
Star of David Sequins
Shamrock Quins
Shamrock Sprinkle
Snow Flake Quins
Star & Moon Quins
Sweet Heart Quins
Valentine Hearts (red, White & Pink) with Pink Sprinkles
Valentine Quins
White Ghost Quins
White Ghost Shapes
Wild Flower Candy Quins
White Ghost Shapes & Black Sprinkles
White Heart Sequins
White Snowman Quin
Yellow Sequins
Mini Maple Leaf Quins
Mini Shamrock Quins
White Sequins
Assorted Non-Pareils
Lavender sprinkles-Lavender jimmies
Patriotic Stars & Sprinkle Mix
Blue Sprinkles – Blue Jimmies
Carnival Jimmies
Green Sprinkles – Green Jimmies
Orange Sprinkles – Orange Jimmies
Pink Sprinkles – Pink Jimmies
Red Sprinkles – Red Jimmies
White Jimmies
White Sprinkles
Yellow Jimmies



Rainbow Chips
Pastel Candy Chips
Red & Green Chocolatey Chips

Crystals Sugars

Black Crystals
Blue Crystals
Christmas Crystals
Green Crystals
Lavender Crystal Sugar
Orange Crystal
Pink Crystal
Purple Crystal Sugar Decors
Rainbow Crystals
Red Crystals
White Coarse Sugar
White Crystals
Yellow Crystals